rachel mcjury : writer
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Rachel is a writer, director, producer, she fulfils most of these roles as Artistic Director for the multi-artfom organisation conFAB. Originally from Warwickshire she now resides in Glasgow, Scotland.

She has developed a range of works for the stage varying from one woman shows to large scale musicals. She has developed verbatim theatre with communities and her poems and short stories have been widely published.

She has worked for many years within the arts environment initiating, leading and managing a wide range of projects but with specific experience of cross-artform events that have brought together poetry, dance, theatre, music and film. In 2006 she received the Jackie Forster Memorial Pride Award for outstanding contribution to culture in Scotland.

Recent Work
"I can think of several world-beating musicals that have started life with less, and gone on to global success" The Gates, Scotsman

Raven: a conspiracy: Raven is a cross dressing, lesbian shape shifter who is part of a pagan underground resistance movement in Tudor Britain.

The Chronicles of John Swift: a surrealist novella following the adventures of John Swift as he travels through time, space and psyche. Ongoing.

Gilded Warriors, Golden Threads: a collection of six retellings of mythical and historical tales of heroic Scottish women. These are the stories of the warrior women of Scotland told from their perspective and on their terms. Ongoing.

The Wednesday Tree: an intimate multi-artform theatre production exploring the importance of trees.

‘Every Wednesday I pick my Grandson up from school. And every Wednesday we walk hame through the park. I make sure we always go to this particular tree and touch it, see just touching a tree feels amazing, so he knows. He grows up knowing aboot trees.’

Seraphina: an intimate multi-art form theatre production, informed by the Renfrewshire Witch Trials, exploring feminine power and how, historically and up to the present day, the system of patriarchy has exploited women, men and the Earth. October/November 2017

A Thousand Kindnesses: a one woman show promoting kindnesses as an act of resistance against war. Premiered June 2015, Tron Theatre Glasgow, toured to Santiago, Chile 2015. Toured to Canada Montreal and Toronto June 2016.

"Breathlessly spanning the globe, Jury's stories are absorbing and powerful, harrowing and hopeful accounts alike brought to vivid life. There is, she suggests, always someone there, even in adversity." A Thousand Kindnesses, Across the Arts

To Be Somebody: a multigenerational verbatim work with a school in Santiago, Chile exploring the issues surrounding at risk young people. September/October 2015.

Cocktail: fear, pain, power: verbatim music and vocal composition exploring the issues of Intra-Christian Sectarianism in Scotland, commissioned by West of Scotland Regional Equality Council 2015. ‘…a passionate and thoughtful verbatim show, exploring how sectarianism still darkens human lives in Scotland today.’
Cocktail: fear, pain, power, The Scotsman

Music of Strangers: is an oratorio that mixes traditional and contemporary Roma and Scottish music. Toured across Scotland in 2013 and 2014.

Going Back Home: a two handed text based stage play based on the relationship between Nina Simone and Lorraine Hansberry. Two rehearsed reading at the Tron Theatre in 2012 and 2013.

I Don't Want to Talk About It: a one-woman contemporary performance exploring the status of women in contemporary Britain. Premiered Arches Live Festival 2012, toured across Glasgow and Edinburgh 2013/14.

Miss Smith: the anti-poverty musical: a musical that explores issues of social and economic justice in Glasgow. Pearce Institute, Govan, Glasgow in Nov 2011

The Gates: a jazz, blues musical, set in the 1950’s, a star-crossed lovers' story which unfolds against the backdrop of gangster warfare. Glasgow and Edinburgh 2012 & 2013.

My Fabulous Tartan Frock: large scale verbatim work exploring issues around domestic violence, premiered at the Arches 2008 and toured across Glasgow 2009.

Laughin' Lesbians Vol 1: collection of poetry exploring issues of LGBTQ+ identity, 2003

‘The programme blurb makes the ambitious claim that the show is ‘West Side Story meets Cabaret meets Chicago’ and it turns out that is pretty much what it is.’ The Gates, Edinburgh Guide